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2015 Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 24: Returning Home, Our First Experience of Business Class

Day 6: April 7 (Tue), Returning Home

We took Limited Express Train to Kansai Airport early in the morning. The next 2 hours in airport was just queuing. The long queue almost made us miss the flight, we entered the cabin just 2 minutes before taking off.

Today we will have our first experience of Business Class. Firstly, let me explain why we were so "rich" to take Business Class. Actually, we bought Economy Class initially, but Malaysia Airlines offered us to bid for Business Class, so we bid for SGD 200 each person for the flight bound from Osaka to Kuala Lumpur. We did not expect that we could take Business Class because the bid that we placed was actually low. However, we were so lucky at last. Haha!

Invitation card to Asuka Lounge. We were unable to go due to long queue.
The plane that we took, A330-300

Once entered the cabin, our seat was just in front of us. There were three big stuffs on the seat. I did not know what they were except the pillow. I just hold them and sat down first because the plane was going to take off. My seat is at the front part of the plane, so I still could see part of the cockpit.

Steward brought a trolley with full of newspaper before taking off. I took the only Mandarin newspaper from the trolley.

The seat is so wide, the slot beside TV is for magazines and newspaper

The flight left from Osaka
After reading this instruction, I just knew that those two big stuffs were mattress and blanket

Slippers is also provided! It's really a very big difference from Economy Class

First times to sit in this high class seat, I had no idea how to take out the dining table, so just see how my Japanese neighbour do.

 After settled down,next is just basically dining

Appetizer: Satay, the peanut sauce was not spicy at all

Appetizer: Trio of Smoked Salmon, Boiled Prawn and Crab Claw; Bread; Soba

Main course: Beef Sukiyaki

Dessert: Azuki Mousse with Anglaise Sauce (The steward never served me this T.T)
After the meal, a cup of drink and mineral water were provided

2:30 pm (Tokyo Time), the flight was at the east of Philippines
The light was turned into dim at this time. I planned to take a nap, but I woke up just after 10 minutes and continued my movies. It's so wasted to sleep here!

3:50 pm (Malaysia Time), Sandwich and Dessert

4:30 pm (Malaysia Time), the flight entered Malaya Penisula

My travel mates

View at KLIA

We waited for transfer here, it's raining heavily outside

View of Putrajaya, Prime Minister Office is near to the big circle at far side

And finally back to Changi Airport

Omamori and Ema

Entrance tickets of attractions

This marks the end of this travel diary of Japan Cherry Blossom Trip~


This is my first times in Japan. The beautiful scenery, cool spring and the nice service from locals are unforgettable. I wish that I could go Japan once a year.

After writing this travel diary, I know more about the culture and history of Japan. During the trip in Japan, I did not realize that I was at the places that historical events happened. After finishing this diary, I just realized that I already went to those historical places that I learned from TV or books before. To be there personally is totally a different experience from just reading books or watching TV.

If any friends or relatives wish to go to Japan, I don't mind to go together. I could be the free GPS plus translator, haha~

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