Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 03: Tuna Dishes from Katsuura

Previous post has introduced the layout of the room. Now, let's see the dinner~~

A very kind obasan (aunt in japanese), who wore kimono, served us the dinner. OMG,how could I finish them?
Some close-up of the meal:

Appetizer, the pink drink is umeshu (plum wine)

Small fishes with its transparent look

Nabe (Japanese hot pot)

After removed the green cap, vegetables and raw beef lay inside. Later covered with the cap again and simmered it.


Obasan came again with chawanmushi, tempura and tohu. Well, I need to "eat" harder

After a while, obasan brought in these two dishes, guess what

They were porridge (covered with wooden cover) and rice. The porridge was so delicious and we asked obasan to serve porridge only for tomorrow dinner.

This was almost the last, kelp soup and pickled dish

The final: dessert
The hotel staff came in right after our dinner. They prepared huton, which is the japanese bedsheet, for us.

It was 9 pm at that time. So we went for hot spring after that.

Nakanoshima Ryokan in japanese means a hotel on the middle island. This island is located in the middle of Katsuura Bay. One of the main feature of this ryokan is its open-air hot spring, named as kishu chomon no yu (listening to the kishu surf). The island has 6 hot spring sources with an output of 800 tonne daily. In this open-air bath, the visitors could  listen to the wave and enjoy view of the sea while having bath. (More information could be found at

It was so dark when we went and drizzled outside. Even though it was dark and cold, it was so comfortable to be in hot spring. All of the tiredness were gone. Tonight should be a good night.


Kishu Breakfast at Nakanoshima Ryokan

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