Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 04: Kishu Breakfast at Nakanoshima Ryokan

Day 2: April 3 (Fri), Kumano Kodo

The morning of April in Japan starts around 5 am. I was able to woke up just after 5, 6 hours sleep, even though I need 8 hours sleep normally. It was so relaxed during travel.

Breakfast starts to be provided at 7 am.

Entrance of Umidori Restaurant

The waitress came out and welcomed us when we were at the entrance. She brought us to the seat next to the window. In this restaurant, if zaisekichu (occupied) sign was shown, then nobody will sit at this table.

The breakfast is buffet type, mainly japanese style, spaghetti was also provided. All were looked so delicious.

The radish (2nd row, left side) was so tasty, especially with porridge.

Enjoy the banana with fork
View outside window

The seawater was so clear

Panorama view from the restaurant

After enjoyed the breakfast, we went back to our room and watched weather forecast (rainy day today >_<), then we set for the world heritage, Kumano Kodo.


Nachi Katsuura, a tranquil town

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