Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015 Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 10: Enjoy the Beauty of Nachi at the Top of Sanjyu-no-to

After walked past the Shakyokura (写経蔵, the place where sutra is transcribed), Sanjyu-no-to (三重塔, Three-storied Pagoda) was right in the front. The Nachi Fall could be seen from here.

The fascinating view of Mt. Nachi could be seen at the top of the pagoda

The missing horizon made the ocean and sky merged together

The current Sanjyu-no-to was rebuilt in 1972. The original building in Hei'an period was burned down in 1581 as a result of conflict between samurai. In this pagoda, three statues are enshrined in each level, listed from the ground floor, they are Hudomyo-o (Acala, one of the Five Wisdom Kings) , Amitabha and Senjyu-Kannon (Thousand-hand Avalokitesvara). Each level is also decorated with exquisite roof and wall paintings.

Maybe due to the rainy weather at that time, the indoor was heavily damp. Reminder of "Please close the door/window" could be seen at every door and window. Following are the wall paintings inside the pagoda.

There is a Maitreya statue outside Sanjyu-no-to. The stone pillar at the side is called as Chizo-sha (Earth-Treasury Wheel). "Those who rotate the stone wheel may leave the cycle of rebirth within the Six Paths by make offerings of flowers, light and vegetarian food" is written on the pillar.

The sakura trees, which saw from the pagoda just now, was a bit downhill from the pagoda. You may walk in the small path and enjoy the falling sakura.


The stairs from the sakura trees. The wooden plate writes "Beware of leech"

Fushiogami-no-chi (Place of praying), Fan Festival is held here every 10th of July.
There are some restaurants and shops at downhill. We had our lunch here.

Sansai-Udon, Sansai means vegetables from mountains
Soba, the sushi is called mehari sushi.
Mehari sushi (めはり寿司) is a local dish at Kumano. It is wrapped by fermented Japanese mustard (高菜). Mehari means open eyes wide in japanese. It is believed that Mehari sushi was very big in size in the past, so mouth and eyes will open wide when eating this sushi.

After the lunch, we will explore the last attraction of Kumano Kodo, the Nachi Fall.


The Great Waterfall of Japan, The Nachi Fall

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