Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 02: Nakanoshima Ryokan, an onsen hotel on island

After leaving the station, we went to the jetty without checking the map. And we realized that we went to the opposite direction, but it brought us to a small park.

Caw from the crows could be heard from the park. The crows are so big in size!

Crow is called as karasu (カラス) in japanese. It is an auspicious symbol in japan since ancient times. Sculpture and pattern of three-legged crow, yatagarasu (八咫烏), could also be seen in Kumano Shrine nearby, which will be introduced in future post.

View of the park: JNR Class C58 steam locomotive, C58-353, which has 70-year history, is the model manufactured after WWII.
The pathway we walked that day, the small park was circled in red

Although we went to the wrong direction, it wouldn't be wrong if walk along the seaside. This town is just a small place. We passed by a fish market, where fishy smell spread over the air. The town was so quiet that we didn't see lot of people or vehicles.

View from jetty

The ferry is designed in cute way. This ferry is used for cruising in Katsuura Bay

Jetty for heading to Nakanoshima

Nakanoshima Ryokan

Fish market (far side), big crows circled at the sky

The ferry from Nakanoshima Ryokan came after a short waiting on jetty. Only three of us boarded the ferry, so it left after we boarded.

View from backside of ferry

After about 2 minutes, we arrived at the jetty in front of the lobby of Nakanoshima Ryokan. Before I came to Japan, I have already known that Japanese is famous with their politeness and hospitality. That's come with the truth, the hotel staff greeted us "irashaimase" (welcome in japanese) and offered help to carry our luggages after we alighted. I planned to carry it myself, because it was not heavy at all, but since they already offered for help, so just let them carry. 

We were brought to our room, a Japanese style room, which can view the blue sea from balcony. Let's see the layout of the room!

There is a genkan (entryway) after entering the room. The interior could be seen after pulled over the shoji (divider).

Dressing table

Our shoes were arranged neatly by hotel staff

Wardrobe,yukata and towel were prepared

We took a small rest and enjoyed the chesse cake bought at Osaka. It was so soft and delicious!

And next is our dinner~


Tuna Dishes from Katsuura

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