Saturday, May 16, 2015

2015 Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 23: Full Moon that Seems Crossing the Bridge, Togetsu Bridge

We headed south for about 700 meter after leaving from Tenryu-ji and arrived at the Togetsu Bridge, which is also a major attraction at Arashiyama. It is believed that Togetsu Bridge was built by Monk Dosho, the disciple of Master Kukai of Shingon School, in 836. The bridge receives its name when Emperor Kameyama (13th century) sang a waka (Japanese poetry) during his sailing on Katsura River. The waka writes "くまなき月の渡るに似る", which means "The night sky without clouds, Full moon seems crossing the bridge". This bridge is also a good place for viewing sakura in spring and maple in autumn.

O'i River, the section of Katsura River flows here

Mt. Arashi at far side

East view of Togetsu Bridge

Ichinoi-zeki Dam, this dam is built in 5th century, mainly used in agriculture. Nowadays it's also used for generation of hydroelectric power.

It was so special to be here when immersing myself in the water vapour from wide river surface, together with cold wind and beautiful mountain view.

The night came and we went back to the road in front of Arashiyama Station. We had our dinner at a restaurant called Saga Tohu Ine nearby.

Arashiyama Station

Until this point, our Japan trip finally ended!


Wait for a moment! There is one more post before ends this travel diary.


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