Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2015 Taiwan Summer Trip 10: New Taipei City Gold Museum, the Golden Age of Jinguashi

After having breakfast at second day at Jioufen, we started our journey of searching gold.

The breakfast cooked by the homestay owner herself

After leaving from the entrance of Jioufen Old Street, we took bus from the opposite bus station to Gold Museum at Jinguashi. The road to Jinguashi is very narrow, sometimes the driver need to let the vehicles at opposite way to pass through first.
Entrance of Gold Museum

Jinguashi and Jioufen was the main gold mines under Japanese occupation. Currently there is no more mining activities in this area, but turning into tourism sites. It is free to enter Gold Museum. By turning left from the tourist information center, the first building is Four Joined Japanese-Style Residences which built under Japanese occupation. Tourists could queue up to visit the building and watching introduction clip here.

Four Joined Japanese-Style Residences

We first went to hilltop to watch a 220-kg gold brick, then visited the rest one by one.

Staircase to Gold Building
Air compressor beside Gold Building, it served to compress air, which piped into tunnels, and power the pneumatic boring device.

Gold Building

The model of Copper Precipitating Tank, the underground water flowed out from the tunnels contains large number of copper ion, therefore the mining site precipitate the copper via redox principle with sheet irons in the tank. About 3 - 5 tons of sheet irons are required to collect one ton of copper.

The 220-kg gold brick

Mining experience is provided here too, but it is still under maintenance, so we had not chance to enter the tunnel.

The fifth tunnel entrance beside Gold Building

"On Ancient Path"

The staircase behind Gold Building, it leads to Jinguashi Shrine at hilltop

Teapot mountain could be seen from the staircase

Teapot mountain

We climbed quite a long way, but just saw these two typical Japanese-style lantern


The lantern pillar remains behind torii

View of Jinguashi could be seen here
We finally gave up because it is really high and the weather was very hot. I had no more strength to go further more. After went down to Gold Building, we had hilltop beancurd at the stall beside the staircase. Taiwanese beancurd is quite rough in its texture, quite different from the soft texture in Malaysia and Singapore.

Jinguashi shrine

Jinguashi Crown Prince Chalet, which built for receiving the Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito who was planned to visit here. The architecture is mainly in shoin zukuri style. However, the crown prince did not visit Jinguashi due to revised schedule.

Compared with the building saw in my Japan trip, the layout of Crown Prince Chalet is much smaller and crowded, so it's quite hard to take a photo of its entire view. However, introduction boards of this building were shown in this post.

The memorial rock of 1942 Jinguashi Incident, it commemorates the noble locals who were killed in a framed-up suppress by Japanese Government.

There are two restaurants in Gold Museum, one of them is Miner Canteen, which Miner Bento is its recommended meal, another restaurant is Alchemy Cafe.

After having lunch, we went back to Jioufen to collect our luggage. This marked the end of the Taiwan trip in this summer!

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