Saturday, July 11, 2015

2015 Taiwan Summer Trip 01: Arrived at Tainan

This is my second trip to Taiwan since last year. My brother had his graduation in this June, so my parents and I went to Taiwan again and had fun there.

We reached at Taoyuan Internatonal Airport early in the morning, then took UBUS (shuttle bus) to THSR Taoyuan Station, where we took High Speed Rail (HSR) to Tainan. Tainan is the city that my brother's university, National Cheng Kung Univeristy (NCKU) located at.

Incoming HSR
This is my second times taking HSR and experiencing its speedy operation. It took only 1.5 hours to reach Tainan, where located about 300 km away from Taoyuan. Although its ticket is about double of train ticket, it is still worthy because we save more than 2 hours on travelling.

My brother had waited at the THSR Tainan Station. Since the station is not in the city area, we had to take local train from Shalun Station, which is just next to THSR Tainan Station, to Tainan Train Station.

The totem on the floor outside Shalun Station

Shalun Station

Local Train

My brother and my mum

The scenery near Zhongzhou Station
We arrived at Tainan Station at about 9 am. National Cheng Kung University is at the east exit of the train station.

The place where NCKU 2015 Commencement held on next day

Sunlight shone through the banyan

Flags of Colleges outside NCKU Kuang-Fu Campus

NCKU Kuang-Fu Campus
"NCKU 2015 Commencement" on red banner

NCKU Archway located at Daxue Road
We put our luggage and had a small rest at my brother's hostel first, then had our lunch near NCKU campus. We came to a restaurant selling Xiangchang-Rouzao-fan (sausage minced pork rice) at Section 3, Zhangrong Road. This restaurant is air-conditioned, which is just nice for us to escape the heat outside.

Minced pork rice is one of the famous dishes in Taiwan. It is called as Lurou-fan in northern Taiwan, but locals at Tainan named it as Rouzao-fan. Compared with northern Lurou-fan, southern Rouzao-fan suited me because of the lack of a common taste found in Taiwanese dishes.

Mushroom minced pork rice

Sausage minced pork rice

Broccoli (left) and water spinach (right)

Mixed meatball soup
We then departed for Kaohsiung, our first stop of this trip after lunch.


Fo Guang Shan, Monastery of Humanistic Buddhism

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