Saturday, May 9, 2015

2015 Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 14: Dining and Shopping at Osaka

The schedule at evening today is just basically shopping and dining at Osaka.

First, we came to Kuromon Market. It's not so crowded around 4pm.

White strawberries from Kumamoto prefecture

Let's dine first. This is Takaki-Suisan Unagi Stall.

Sennichi street at Nanba, Osaka. It's so crowded at the night of Saturday.

Painted cover designed with Osaka Castle on the street at Osaka

After shopping, we came to Dotonbori to eat Ichiran Ramen. The queue was never shorter.

When we were in the queue, one of us went to Achichi Honpo Takoyaki at next door, where the queue was very long too.


Ichiran Ramen Restaurant which opened 24 hours 365 days

Tazaemon-bashi at Dotonbori. The queue on the bridge was waiting to buy takoyaki.
We filled up the order form before entering the restaurant. The hardness of noodles, richness of soup, quantity of vegetables and pork could be freely decided. After entering the restaurant, we paid via the ticket machine first, and waited for seat arrangement.

Small cubicles in the restaurant. Customers could enjoy the meal without disruption.

If finish up the soup, a sentence appears at the bottom of the bowl. It writes "Each drop is the highest pleasure".

After dining, we shopped in this lively city for a while. That's our trip today.


The Buddhism Sacred Land, Nara the Ancient Capital

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