Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 05: Nachi Katsuura, a tranquil town

We came to the jetty in front of  the lobby, the hall staffs greeted us ohayo gozaimasu (good morning) at there. When the ferry headed to the town, they kept waving their hands at jetty until we can't see them.

Nakanoshima Ryokan, view from the backside of the ferry

Entrance to Pacific Ocean

After landed, we walked into the streets in Katsuura. It was 8 am in the morning, most of the shops were not open yet. It was so tranquil in town.

Let's see where we were, the island in the bay is the hotel where we stayed.

Enlarge the central area of Katsuura town, the red marking area is Izakata Street, triangle area is the small roundabout near Kii-katsuura station. The bus station is next to Izakata Strret.

Signage could be seen on Izakata Street.

This grocery store has opened, the staff will say ohayo gozaimasu if someone passes by.

Pride of Nachi-katsuura

After this street is Kii-katsuura train station, bus station is next to it.

Hot spring could be seen everywhere in Nachi-katsuura. There is an ashi-yu (foot bath) next to the bus station. We saw another one next to fish market the day before.

Taki no yu (Waterfall hot spring)

There is an analysis report for every hot spring. It is submitted by the head of town council, and analyzed by Environmental and Health Research Laboratory of Wakayama Prefecture. It's nice to take a foot bath when it's cold outside.

Vicinity map of Nachi Katsuura town

Flowers below the map

Small roundabout near to the bus station. "Katsuura onsen" (onsen means hot spring) is written on the signboard, while "Sanma no uta" (Song of Mackerel) by Sato Haruo was shown on the rock.

"Sanma no uta" (Song of Mackerel) is a love poetry written by Sato Haruo in 20th century. This poetry described the hardship and sadness of his love with Chiyoko.

Sato stayed with his close friend, Tanizaki Jun'ichiro, at Tokyo and then, he knew Tanizaki's wife, Chiyoko. Soon after, Tanizaki had an affair with other woman, which made Sato having affection on the lonely Chiyoko. 

Tanizaki encouraged this abnormal relationship at the beginning, but then regretted when Tanizaki ended his affair. So Sato broke the friendship with Tanizaki and went back to his hometown, Shingu in Wakayama with his sorrow.

After leaving, Sato still loved his lover, Chiyoko. So, he wrote this poetry during the six-year period of leaving away from Tanizaki and Chiyoko. He expressed his feeling on Chiyoko by describing a custom in his hometown, where local spread lime juice on mackerel, but not the one stayed in Tokyo.

Besides this poetry, Sato Haruo also wrote "Chijin no ai" and "Tade ku'u mushi" for his love.

Passengers board the bus at back door and alight at front door, 
the fare was paid when alight
Round trip ticket to Kumano Kodo could be bought at bus station with 1000 yen. We get our ticket and took bus to Kumano Kodo, the ancient pilgrimage routes during Hei'an period


Time Travel back to Hei'an Period and Turn into Hei'an Noble

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