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2015 Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 13: Coastal Line along the Kinokuni Railway

Day 3: April 4 (Sat), from Kii-katsuura to Osaka

Compared with the cloudy weather yesterday, the sky was so blue at 6 o'clock in this morning. Green hills warmed by sunshine could be seen from the balcony.

We planned to take 8 am train after breakfast, but we were unable to catch up, so we stayed at Kii-katsuura station for two more hours. During the waiting time, we went to post a postcard. The staff said it took about 5 days to reach Singapore, but actually it's faster than that. So impressed with its efficiency.

After that, we went to the small park mentioned before. The cherry blossom was so pretty with the blue sky.

Picnic under sakura

Before we boarded onto the train, we bought ekiben (railway boxed meal) for our lunch. Photo at right is Kinokuni-bento (紀の国弁当). The middle sushi is mackerel sushi, while the rest are Mehari sushi, which introduced in previous post. The soy sauce is filled in a fish-like bottle. The pink slices are sweet vinegar ginger. Below is Sanma-sugata-sushi (さんま姿寿司).

The railway that Kuroshio train is Kinokuni Line. Kinokuni is same pronunciation as "Country of Woods" in Japanese, which originated from the primeval forest in Wakayama. The Kumano Kodo that we went yesterday is part of the Kumano sacred area. Tourists could also enter this area via Kii-tanabe, Wakayama, Hashimoto and Shingu.

The advertisement of Kumano Kodo at the backside of chair.

On this railway, coastal line formed by eroded stratum could be viewed from train.

From Kii-tahara to Koza:

The yellow route is where the video was filmed.

Coastal line along Iwashiro. Surfers were seen at here.

The yellow route is where the video was filmed.

Wind turbines on hills after Gobo.

Sakura along the line at Osaka.

After 4-hour train, we finally reached at Shin-osaka to start the second part of the trip.

The building saw in the beginning of video below is Umeda Sky Building. A sky garden is located at the top of the building and it's a landmark at Osaka. After passing Yodo river, it's Shin-osaka train station.

The yellow route is where the video was filmed.


Dining and Shopping at Osaka

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